H.R. 420 Bill Could Send MJ Stocks Skyrocketing In 2019
It’s finally happening.

Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer just proposed H.R. 420 Bill to “regulate cannabis like alcohol” on the federal level.

2019 is the year America will be open for business.

The difference between now and previous years? Two big ones:
   1.A majority (66%) of Americans now support the legalization of MJ
   2.Big alcohol and tobacco companies have started investing in medical MJ startups.

The two biggest political opponents to legalization have finally bought in, and Rep. Blumenauer is going to knock all the pins down.

Now, what does this mean for savvy investors? It’s simple, there’s an opportunity to potentially make a lot of money right as the parabolic take-off happens.

An investment as little as $50 could take you into retirement... if you know the right companies to invest in.
Several firms have experienced quadruple-digit growth in previous years… and that was before American-wide recreational use.

Now the question is, which of the hundreds of MJ penny stocks and the few dozen reputable companies are going to dominate the new marketplace?

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