This $2 Medical MJ Stock is Expected to Soar in 2019!

It’s finally happening. Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer just proposed H.R. 420 Bill to “regulate cannabis like alcohol” on the federal level. 2019 is the year America will be open for business. The difference between now and previous years? [Continue Reading Here]

America’s Top Options Trader Reveals His “3-Stock Retirement Blueprint”

For the past 36 years, Jeff Clark, millionaire trader, has helped people from all walks of life retire wealthy… School teachers… doctors… even the occasional pro athlete. But he hasn’t done it the usual way… And it’s not by using the traditional “buy and hold” strategy.  [Continue Reading Here]

Retired Wall Street Legend: This “Hidden” Stock Is My No. 1 Pick For 2019

Investing in today’s market can be a crapshoot. From controversial tweets, interest rate hikes and trade war headlines, it seems that all the gains you make one day get wiped out the next. And with wild swings in the market day after day, you may be wondering if there is any good place to invest. [Continue Reading Here]

Millions Of Americans Could Now Collect "Federal Rent Checks"

Every American is Eligible to Join this Distribution List. Currently, over 100 federal agencies are required by law to pay rent for the properties they occupy.  [Continue Reading Here]